“Casa sul Bosforo” is the name of an unrealized architectural project by Enrico Mantero, on the same time it’s a large dimension artwork commissioned by Erodoto Association for the exhibition MANTERO: CENTO ANNI DI ARCHITETTURA (Mantero: 100 years of architecture).

More info here: archiviomantero.it

“My tribute to Enrico Mantero came out of the analysis of Casa sul Bosforo geometric structure. My artistic research is not actually limited to the shape, but it’s also focused on the roots shared by two spaces, two cultures and two different countries, Italy and Turkey. The resulting triptych shows the passing of time, both percieved and real. It’s a work that conceptually synthesizes the contrast between past and present, represented by the Middle-Eastern architecture study from the one hand, and by a decontruction of Mantero’s Casa sul Bosforo project from the other. The third section refers to future, which is my personal interpretation of the two previous subjects.”


“Casa sul Bosforo” 240×120 cm – 2011 – Etching + Acquatint on heavy 100% cotton paper (artist’s proof)


“Casa sul Bosforo” Past (detail)


“Casa sul Bosforo” Present (detail)


“Casa sul Bosforo” Future (detail)


“Novilunio” 21×21 cm – 2011 – Engraving copper plate

“Plenilunio” 21×21 cm – 2011 – Engraving copper plate